Brinner - a wild mix

A breakfast offering that's also available in the evening? That's exactly what "Brinner" is. Behind the neologism of breakfast and dinner is the idea that even long-sleeping breakfast fans should now have enough time to enjoy their favorite food in peace - all day long and into the evening.

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Food-trend brinner

What has already become a trend in trendy gastronomy in the USA is also finding more and more enthusiastic followers in Europe: breakfast for dinner.

Opulent breakfast ideas around the clock

Less is more? Certainly not at Brinner - on the contrary: sweet dishes that are classically served for breakfast are combined with hearty supper.

It sounds a bit like brunch, but it's much more experimental: Here, it's not breakfast on the one hand and savory on the other, but sweet breakfast classics and savory are combined in new snacks and small dishes: Croissants are topped with cheese and hot chilies, muesli can sometimes contain vegetables, and a sweet pancake meets egg with bacon and jam as a sauce.

Present Brinner dishes in style

To present this food trend and the table culture of the house in style, tableware is used that gives the brinner dishes enough space to unfold.

The more opulent the dishes are, the more minimalist and round shapes without flourishes or decor should be used. On the other hand, decorated plates, whether tone-on-tone or contrasting with the food, can emphasize and highlight the colorfulness of the ingredients. 

Our range is also designed for individual combinations: the porcelain pieces from different collections can be freely mixed with each other. So there are no limits to the joy of experimenting with Brinner food and the positive surprise effect on the guest will succeed.


Brinner Inspirations