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New tableware products in 2024 open up new dimensions of enjoyment

Experience new dimensions in table setting with our new PLAYGROUND products in 2024! Go for the natural aesthetics of wooden gifts, sustainable ceramics and the modern elegance of stoneware tableware. Let yourself be inspired and set new standards for your table ambience!


Tableware from PLAYGROUND: A declaration of love for the art of culinary staging.

Individual mix of materials with PLAYGROUND

PLAYGROUND is the pure pleasure of experimenting, intuitively, humorously and professionally. To this end, PLAYGROUND brings into play an entertaining and varied assortment with regular updates. 

PLAYGROUND: Playing with different materials




launch of the successful brand.


different materials.

infinite combinations.

Over 400

thrilling articles.

Food presentations beyond taste are our claim.

PLAYGROUND trends & inspiration

PLAYGROUND collects food and tableware trends for experimental food presentations in a repertoire of exciting, sometimes daring accessories and tableware items made from a wide variety of materials. And this long before they become mainstream.


PLAYGROUND inspired: The potato croissant

Our food stylist Michael Koch keeps reinterpreting the long-lasting trend of vegan cuisine. This time he uses regional ingredients that form the basis for the potato croissant.

playground tableware

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Sustainable PLAYGROUND stoneware called ReNew

The old throwaway society is facing a sharp headwind. "Less waste, more raw material conservation" is therefore the compass of a more sustainable lifestyle. From unpackaged food to regionally grown ingredients to Zero Waste, that's where PLAYGROUND comes in. Because based on Zero Waste, ReNew was developed as an innovative collection made from recycled ceramic material. Complete sustainability comes from the production of clay enriched with 90% recycled ceramic.


Articles made from different Materials


PLAYGROUND is a modern interpretation of stoneware: Aparte designs and fancy glazes set the tone. In use as a soloist or interesting companion for white porcelain.


PLAYGROUND brings meditterane terracotta to the tables of the world: for the catering industry, this means partially glazed items combined with strong glazes for frequent use.

Cast iron

Pure nostalgia: teapots like in the good old days or pots and pans made of raw or enameled cast iron. They are the heroes of classic regional cuisine.

Stainless steel

What brings glitz and glamour to food presentation? Stainless steel has its permanent place in every professional kitchen - from the furnishings to the pots and pans. PLAYGROUND brings it right up to the guest.


Wood is everybody's darling, because it can be combined with really all materials and is one of the most important players in today's table settings.


You can hardly get more natural than this: slate maintains its firm place in culinary presentation. In addition, marble is celebrating a revival and natural stones are becoming natural bowls.


Disposable tableware? Sounds like plastic waste and a throwaway society. Wrong! Not if it is produced from sustainable raw materials and is 100% biodegradable.


Textiles add an emotional touch to modern table settings. Casual paperbags made from sustainable, tear-resistant natural material offer a cheeky and modern twist on the classic bread basket.


Shop windows to happiness: In the dramaturgy of food staging, glass items display gastronomic ideas as if in showcases. The variety of types is almost inexhaustible.


Plastic lids are perfect for pre-portioned food: present it hygienically, transport it safely, offer it to-go. Or even coffee-to-go cups become lifestyle products with plastic items.

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