Contact heat porcelain for maximum efficiency in food distribution

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As a BHS Healthcare Partner, our focus is on developing tableware solutions that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of modern contact heating systems.

Effective temperature regulation with contact heat porcelain

Active contact heating systems play a crucial role in reliably regulating the temperature of food in order to comply with HACCP guidelines and meet the highest hygiene standards. Our specially developed items with a flat base absorb the heat over the entire surface and transfer it evenly to the food. The result: dishes at the perfect temperature that offer your guests a culinary experience.

The advantages of our porcelain in the contact heating system


  • Precise, flat base: Our porcelain has a flat base developed with the utmost precision, which absorbs the temperature over the entire surface and transfers it evenly to the food. This makes optimum use of porcelain's temperature storage capacity.
  • Effective heat transfer: A porcelain dish with a flat base is heated directly or through the contact heating tray. The 100% full-surface contact ensures effective heat transfer, which optimally regenerates or keeps the food warm.
  • Thermal separation: Thanks to insulated individual covers and thermal separation in the system trolley, cold food on the same tray remains untouched, while the hot food is kept at the perfect temperature.

The perfect energy store: Contact heat porcelain

We understand the high demands of contact heating processes and have developed high-performance porcelain that is precisely tailored to the contact surfaces of heating plates and heating trays. Our porcelain with a flat base is characterized by great temperature sensitivity, resistance and quick cleaning. It is the ideal partner for regenerating food, speeds up work processes and actively reduces material and detergent costs.

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BHS Healthcare Partner: Your partner for professional food distribution

We have been successfully testing our porcelain in contact heating systems for years and are proud of our expertise in this area. Rely on the experience of BAUSCHER and SCHÖNWALD to professionally equip your food distribution. We offer a wide range of tray configurations for all meals and will be happy to advise you on the effective integration of high-quality porcelain into your contact heating system.

Contact us for individual advice on how best to integrate our porcelain into your contact heating system.