Teapots for a full flavor

Tea is popular at any time of the year. On warm summer days, especially oriental countries serve their black tea in teapots. In winter, herbal teas convince with a healing effect for a cold. Brewed in a teapot, the full aroma comes into its own. A popular highlight on the table are noble teapots with a teapot warmer made of wood. The tea light keeps the tea warm even longer and creates a cozy atmosphere among guests.  


Form and function of teapots  

The shape of a teapot plays a crucial role in the proper development of aroma. Usually wider than it is tall, a teapot has a much more bulbous shape than a coffee pot, allowing the flavor of the tea to be better distributed throughout the water. The built-in filter retains the loose tea leaves when pouring, if whole tea leaves are not used, it is also good to use a teapot with a strainer.


The classic - the porcelain teapot

There are different materials that are preferably used for the production of teapots. Whether cast iron, glass, ceramic or porcelain - one thing is clear Tea brewed in a teapot, simply tastes better and more aromatic. To guarantee a warm tea enjoyment for a particularly long time, teapots made of porcelain are particularly suitable. Porcelain has a wonderful heat storage capacity and is tasteless when properly cleaned. Thus, you can infuse a wide variety of teas in a porcelain teapot without the taste being adulterated by a previous tea.   

All teapots at a glance

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