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Vitrified china from HEART&SOUL

See, fall in love, inspire! HEART&SOUL offers trendy catering porcelain with a special look and feel. All items are made from vitrified china and are ideally suited for gastronomic use. As truly unique pieces, our tableware is perfect for lively table decorations and personal, individual combinations. 


HEART&SOUL goes Urban

Pure inspiration – that's the HEART&SOUL brand for our food stylist Daniel Schwarz. He takes us on his personal journey from the Mediterranean world to the city. 


Facts about HEART&SOUL


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The PERFECT MATCH collection manages to blend seamlessly into different environments and enchants guests at first glance. Where in some of them, the Mediterranean hues immediately conjure up images of sun-drenched landscapes and the rich flora of the Mediterranean, other guests encounter this collection in urban locations far removed from the Mediterranean. 

Whether you prefer industrial style, reminisce about vacations gone by or want to create a fine dining experience, the handcrafted look and vibrant colors of the reactive glazes are a perfect match for various interior and food styles. These unique pieces unite apparent opposites. Perfectly coordinated to make your table setting an unforgettable experience.


Modern color worlds: PERFECT MATCH

The basic color of the _avocado decor not only echoes the dark green skin of ripe avocados, but also shows parallels to typical houseplants. In this way, _avocado creates a harmonious combination of nature and trendy interior design. The decorative swirl on the plates is created by the clever combination of light green and silver color pigments. Applied by hand, the artistic design gives the tableware items a unique vibrancy and creates a visual bridge between nature and modern style.
The special sparkle, soft shimmer and diverse colors of oyster shells serve as the source of inspiration for this unique decor. The soft tones of _oyster are not only timeless, but also go perfectly with urban style. The tableware pieces with the mother-of-pearl decor add a sophisticated touch to the urban style without being obtrusive. The understated color palette makes _oyster a versatile choice that is suitable for various occasions and culinary creations.
In the midst of urban style, _breeze finds a harmonious connection. Experience the fusion of summer vacation feelings and urban elegance. The _breeze decor makes it possible to celebrate the relaxed beach feeling even in fine dining, bringing an inviting atmosphere to the table setting. The color palette, inspired by clear skies and refreshing sea breezes, is perfect for modern urban environments. The subtle blue and beige tones of this decor lend a contemporary touch to any table setting and blend seamlessly with urban chic.
Inspired by the natural beauty of thyme, the _thyme decor captures the varying shades of the spice and creates an atmosphere that can be perfectly integrated into the urban style. The versatile shades of _thyme not only pay homage to the Mediterranean landscape, but also go perfectly with a wide variety of food styles. From rustic meals to modern culinary creations, this décor blends seamlessly into different culinary worlds and its organic patterns subtly complement the urban style.
The versatility of the _cumin decor is reflected in its adaptability to many country-specific dishes, making it an excellent choice for those who want to celebrate international cuisine in style. Experience the symbiosis of subtle earth tones and culinary diversity with _cumin. This decor not only creates a restrained but also appealing base for strong dishes and can be perfectly integrated into the urban style, which is characterized by its contemporary aesthetics and stylish restraint.

Article variety

PERFECT MATCH tableware pieces are versatile and can be flexibly combined with each other. Coup plates and platters offer space for generous food presentations. Plates with a small rim are perfect for serving food with gravy. For coffee specialities of all kinds, cups and mugs are available in matching sizes.


Each article is unique: HEART&SOUL articles not only convince visually, their quality also scores points.

Interesting facts about HEART&SOUL

All HEART&SOUL articles are fired twice. The firing temperature of 1,200°C makes the articles robust and dense, so that no water is absorbed during rinsing, for example. This density is also named "vitrified" or "super vitrified". In addition, the glaze allows the dishes to be cleaned in the dishwasher without hesitation.


Dishwasher safe

HEART&SOUL items are completely dense and aditionally protected by glaze. Perfect conditions for cleaning the articles in the dishwasher.


The unique and distinctive patterns and color gradients can only be created by hand. Differences in colour and pattern are highly wellcome.

Fair production

The BME Code of Conduct serves as a basis. This contains principles on social responsibility, but also topics such as child labour.

In stock

All HEART&SOUL articles are in stock and can therefore be used by you at short notice.


Fired twice, with the highest firing temperature at 1,200°C, all HEART&SOUL articles become dense and do not absorb any water.

Color variance

The natural, reactive color particles burn out differently, so colors and patterns can vary within a decor.

Microwave safe

Dishes from HEART&SOUL can be used in the microwave without any problems.


Plates, platters and bowls allow a space saving storage in kitchen and stock room and give so a good overall view. Needed articles are found quickly.

Edge impact resistance

The 5-year warranty on the edge impact resistance of PERFECT MATCH's coup plates and platters is an indication for the quality of our HEART&SOUL products.


Vitrified China articles can be used for baking or gratinating. However, they should not be placed directly from the refrigerator into a hot oven.

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