Platters for serving, buffets or caterings

In the catering industry, serving platters are ideal for arranging and draping a wide variety of dishes. Whether sausage, cheese, meat or fish platters for sushi, small canapés as well as skewers and asparagus. They find their use as buffet or catering platters, but also instead of a plate on the table.

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The differences of serving dishes

Serving platters differ not only in their shape, but also in their material. When choosing a suitable serving platter, the intended use should also be well questioned, because not every serving platter is suitable for every use.

Buffet platters

If the platter is to find its use on a stationary buffet, angular or rectangular shapes without or with a small flag are particularly suitable. Placed side by side, they are space-saving and also offer a particularly large amount of space for the food, which can literally be arranged right into the corners. Large serving platters create a generous buffet landscape next to large bowls. Since porcelain can be used for hot or cold food as desired, buffet platters are the preferred choice of this material.

Catering platters

Catering plates must fit into a smooth flow at well-paced events. Starting with transportation, stackable platters take up less space. Also in handling, large serving platters provide enough space for small portions at the flying buffet. A rim provides a better grip for service, but the weight of the catering platters should also be kept in mind. This is because hard porcelain is much lighter compared to ceramic or slate.

Serving platters

On the table in the restaurant, the platters for serving food provide a special character. Square or asymmetrical serving platters stand out from the crowd of the usual round platters. Oval platters look soft and traditional. In addition to shape, plattes captivate with color. Different glazes, especially on ceramic serving plates, support the food presentation to the guest. Preferably, rectangular or oval serving plates are also used as a substitute for plates on narrow tables or at bar counters.

The material must not be lost sight of for the right choice of a platter. The areas of application in the catering industry are numerous and the material may bring decisive advantages or disadvantages.

Different materials compared

Serving platters made of porcelain

Serving platters made of hard porcelain are preferably used in gastronomy. They are particularly robust and the glaze is scratch-resistant, tasteless and dishwasher safe. In addition, both hot and cold dishes can be served on the porcelain serving plates, because hard porcelain has excellent heat and cold storage properties. In combination with other dishes from the same collection, the platters stand out, but can also be well integrated into a uniform and thus coherent overall picture.

Stone serving platters like marble, terrazzo or slate

Plates made of marble, terrazzo or slate are ideal eye-catchers on any table. The natural material stone keeps cold temperatures for a long time and is often used for serving cool food. However, large serving platters made of marble or slate are particularly heavy and break easily. In general, stone serving platters should be re-oiled from time to time and cleaned by hand, otherwise the feet will loosen over time. In addition, marble, terrazzo or slate should not come into contact with acidic foods.

Ceramic serving platters made of high-quality stoneware

Serving platters made of high-quality stoneware stand as a counterpart to fine porcelain serving platters with their rustic, handcrafted look and unique glazes, which also make them suitable for the dishwasher. Different textures on the surface characterize the oval and square serving plates made of high-quality ceramics. They offer an ideal eye-catcher and are therefore especially popular for serving appetizers, main meals or desserts.


More inspiration for food presentation with platters

Stone look serving platters
The decor of the SANDSTONE platters is reminiscent of real stone or slate. In comparison, the oval and square serving platters are made of hard porcelain and are therefore unbreakable, acid-resistant and dishwasher safe.
Square buffet platters from BAUSCHER
Square or rectangular serving plates are particularly suitable for buffets. They can be placed close together, making the best use of space. For an interesting play of heights, the PURITY platters fit perfectly on our LOFT or ANANTI wooden presenters.
The somewhat different cheese platter
Arranged on different small platters, our glass cloches capture the intense smell of the cheese and are also visually beautiful to look at. They look noble and can be placed on any surface.
GN platters and trays for buffet landscapes
Our BUFFET HEROES collection is a real eye-catcher for exciting buffet landscapes. The noble buffet platters with a height of 20 mm set the scene for every meal. From sausage or cheese platters to canapés and small portioned bowls.
Platters from recycled ceramics
ReNew platters are made of 90% recycled ceramic. The dark color comes from the brown clay glazed on the serving surface. Our ReNew serving platters are additionally available with white glaze.
Catering platters for flying buffets
The innovative Noble China porcelain could be mistaken for bone china in terms of color. However, as a hard porcelain, Noble China has the same properties as normal hard porcelain collections, but is thinner and therefore lighter. Therefore, Noble China is a wonderful porcelain for catering.