New tableware products in 2024

Welcome to the tableware world of BHS tabletop and its brands. In 2024, we will also be presenting our new tableware products, which turn dining into a visual pleasure with elegance and functionality. 

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Discover the innovative designs and high-quality workmanship that make our new tableware products indispensable companions for gastronomic masterpieces. Be ready to offer your guests an incomparable culinary experience and make a statement in terms of exclusivity and sophistication with our new collections.

Immerse yourself in the world of new tableware products 2024, in which tradition and modernity, aesthetics and functionality merge harmoniously. Expand your horizons with colors and shapes that not only decorate the table, but also tell a story. It is time to make table settings a creative expression of your style!


New tableware products in 2024 from PLAYGROUND


With our new SPOT ON tableware, the name says it all: All Eyes on Your Plating Ideas. 

This stoneware tableware was designed to emphasize the creative expressiveness of experimental restaurateurs and put their unique plating ideas in the spotlight. SPOT ON not only presents tableware, but also creates an experience that underlines the innovative power of the catering industry.


Hidden behind the name ELEVATE is a fascinating interplay of different heights at the table. The height variations not only offer visual appeal, but also open up new possibilities for food presentation. The focus always remains on the milled surface, which makes each wooden item unique. 

Our items not only enable impressive food presentation, but can also be used as stylish centerpieces in hotel lobbies, at the counter or in the relaxed spa area. Available in two versions – oak and walnut. 



Our innovative new EMBRACE tableware has been specially developed for experimental restaurateurs who are looking for something special and want to present their culinary creations in style. The items in the collection have a nest-shaped design and are made from the sustainable recycled material Eco-Gres®.

The EMBRACE collection from the PLAYGROUND brand combines soft design language with a natural, nest-like look that embraces the food like a protective hand. Thanks to two unique glaze finishes in a glossy black or a light effect glaze, it sets new standards in terms of elegance and versatility.



ReNew not only embodies the spirit of the times in terms of taste, but also relies on sustainable materials and modern design.

Made from 90% recycled ceramic, called EcoGres, ReNew promises environmental friendliness combined with a unique aesthetic. For our experimental restaurateurs, we present seven innovative items each in the neutral colors white and taupe glazed, which perfectly complement the existing range.

New porcelain products in 2024 from SCHÖNWALD


Our latest collection is showcased as a complete relief collection: it is a design hybrid, a perfect mix between flag and coup plate and thus provides an impressive visual experience.

From 2024, two exclusive specialty plates and new cups with the unmistakable CREATE relief will be added to the product range. These new elements of the new porcelain product not only offer upscale food presentation, but also create a unique atmosphere for sophisticated gastronomic experiences.


Decors FLORAL CHARM in blue and green combine floral and graphic decorations on plates, platters, bowls and cups.


The COMPANION decor concept catapults SHIRO's elegant items into a new dimension. The sleek SHIRO items abandon their familiar paths and instead appear with a bright petrol blue glaze, which has become an absolute must-have among the colors.

The special thing about petrol blue is not only its eye-catching presence, but also its unusual touch. This unusual color scheme provides an ideal canvas for presenting food in every imaginable color and individual style – a true paradise for conceptual restaurateurs looking for new creative ways to express themselves. 

The new porcelain product COMPANION focuses on the innovative mix & match of porcelain and ceramic. The petrol-blue glazed plates, platters and bowls harmonize with the relief ceramic bowls from NARA in the colors rosé and white.

BOLDLEAF’S foliage motifs make for a captivating contrast to full-surface, petrol-blue glaze. The décor’s rustic, hand-painted 
brushstroke look emphasizes SHIRO’s robust character. The artsy plant motifs vary from plate to plate.



A tribute to the summer solstice: MIDSUMMER captures delicate wreaths and blossoms on exquisite porcelain. Inspired by the familiar nostalgia, our SCANDIC collection features a unique decor that shows a wreath of delicate grasses and flowers in full bloom at the summer solstice. MIDSUMMER creates a light and airy contrast on the table with its natural decor, the harmonious shades of green combined with ochre-colored grasses and flowers. The food follows the round wreath or is framed.  


New porcelain products in 2024 from BAUSCHER


BAUSCHER's new porcelain product in 2024 redefines the standards for sustainable gastronomy. The REUSABLE collection consists of high-quality porcelain items, specially developed for company restaurants, vending, snack bars and more. 

REUSABLE not only offers ecological benefits, but also practical solutions for a wide range of applications. The spill-proof 2-component plastic lids allow flexible use, especially in the to-go sector. With BAUSCHER, you are not only focusing on environmental protection, but also on quality and innovation.

BHS healthcare partner

New porcelain products in 2024 from BHS Healthcare Partner


AIRFLOW ESSENTA is the first collection with colored glaze, which has the same quality and hygienic properties as white porcelain. This pioneering concept combines the tried-and-tested advantages of the AIRFLOW collection with an elegant gray glaze. The gray items from AIRFLOW ESSENTA are suitable for contact heat and air circulation systems. The subtle gray color matches any tray color, while the 11 selected items allow for effortless meals morning, noon and night. 
AIRFLOW ESSENTA therefore focuses not only on functionality, but also on stylish design in the context of the healthcare sector.