Vitrified China

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Vitrified China for gastronomy

Vitrified China is composed of 40-50% kaolin, 30-40% quartz and 20-30% feldspar. The difference with other Vitreous China is the firing process. Our Vitrified China is fired at a firing temperature of approximately 1,000°C during the first firing. The second firing, also known as glaze firing, is done at about 1,200 °C and is crucial for the hardness of the glaze.

Other Vitreous China manufacturers fire at a firing temperature of approximately 1,200 °C for the first firing. The glaze firing, on the other hand, is at about 1,050 °C. Thereby, the glaze does not become as hard and robust as with our Vitrified China.

Our Vitrified China thus obtains excellent properties:

  • Complete density of the body and thus no water absorption possible
  • Handcrafted, each item is unique
  • Natural reactive glazes burn out differently and allow the colors to vary deliberately
  • A particularly good edge impact resistance is guaranteed

These properties also have a positive effect on the use of Vitrified China in daily gastronomy:

  • Tableware can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • A large part of the articles can be stacked
  • Vitrified China can be used in the microwave without any problems
  • Vitrified China is oven-safe, but the dishes should not be placed directly from the fridge into the hot oven

Price per piece, plus VAT; Prices may vary for requests for deliveries abroad