In a world that is increasingly focused on sustainable practices, BAUSCHER proudly presents the REUSABLE collection – an innovative solution for quality-conscious restaurateurs looking for high-quality reusable tableware for company restaurants, vending, snack bars and many other gastronomic applications.

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Sustainability meets quality: The advantages of REUSABLE

Our REUSABLE collection is not only a response to the ongoing to-go trend, but also a high-quality alternative to conventional banding. The reusability of our reusable packaging actively contributes to waste avoidance and climate protection. The ecological benefits increase with each use, as production and disposal have less impact on the environmental balance. BAUSCHER is committed to sustainability by developing products that are not only environmentally friendly but also of the highest quality.

Our porcelain ranges are made from natural raw materials, are hygienic, cut and scratch-resistant, neutral in taste, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, oven-safe and offer excellent heat retention. They can also be customized with your own logo or decor.

Individual concept for various catering applications

Our collection has been specially developed for company restaurants, vending, snack bars and many other types of catering establishments. All items are compatible with the Eurobox system, the Thermo Future Box and can be used in standard microwaves without any problems.

Specially developed porcelain items for the highest demands

Our porcelain items, including the Special 2-piece bowl, the Special bowl and the Special plate, are perfectly matched to standard portion sizes (usable capacity approx. 500 ml). There is no need to transfer food and the soft inner shapes make it easy to remove food. No dirty corners, space-saving stackability and an improved washing result are further features of this high-quality reusable solution.

Spill-proof and suitable for to-go: REUSABLE with 2-component plastic lid

Our specially developed 2-component plastic lid, transparent and in the size 26x18cm, is universally suitable for the three different porcelain items. The transparent look allows clear visibility of the food, while the textured surface makes scratches less visible. The anthracite-colored sealing lip ensures a spill-proof seal, making the reusable solution ideal for to-go use.

For a green future: BAUSCHER – your partner for reusable solutions in the catering industry

Trust BAUSCHER as a provider of solutions for special applications. Together, we are setting an example for quality, sustainability and environmental protection in the catering industry. Contact us today to find out more about our "Reusable" collection and individual reusable solutions.