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SCHÖNWALD unveils new porcelain products in 2024

Discover the world of innovative tableware with SCHÖNWALD, your leading supplier of trendy tableware concepts. Our new tableware products in 2024 fit seamlessly into current interior trends and colors.

Tableware from fine dining to industrial style

The porcelain tableware from SCHÖNWALD combines aesthetic design with versatile combinability. If you always want to set new accents in food presentation, let SCHÖNWALD inspire you for new concepts and stagings. With holistic concept consulting, we help you bring the latest trends to the table.

Not only trends around food or drink come and go, but also social trends, needs and demands influence the concepts of gastronomy operators and hotel owners.

SCHÖNWALD as a trendsetter

That is why SCHÖNWALD offers its customers articles made of porcelain and other diverse materials for surprising, exciting, casual, but also classic presentations of current dining and design trends.


"Chefs are dish designers just like in fashion",

says Monika Schuster (chef and food stylist for SCHÖNWALD). She shares her experiences with us and gives tips on perfect food styling. 

Discover the Food-Styling-Tips

SCHÖNWALD coffee set for the perfect pleasure

To serve the best coffee, it is an advantage to be a barista, but not required. Because the sales driver can now be played out at all levels: With COFFEE TASTING, the coffee offer can be adapted to the increased demands of guests in no time at all. This collection was specially developed for the various international coffee specialties.


COFFEE TASTING x SCANDIC is the name of the new SCHÖNWALD duo. Because SCANDIC now has new saucers! In addition to the top cups, glasses and bowls, cookie and spoon have additional space on the wide side. Discover now!

Our Mission

As a trendsetter, SCHÖNWALD sets the tone in the international gastronomy scene. With inventiveness and non-conformism, the brand is on the trail of new directions in enjoyment. Renowned designers and the in-house creative center translate international food trends into new, convincing products made of high-quality hard porcelain and filigree Noble China. Innovative shapes are regularly designed to match changing culinary themes and cooking styles.


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Decors bring color to the table

SCHÖNWALD has the right feel for trends - also when it comes to décors. An attractive pattern or an interesting structure turn tableware into a personal business card that clearly sets you apart and supports the presentation of your food.

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In the middle of the exciting oriental metropolis, the noble 5-star hotel THE ADDRESS DUBAI MARINA rises directly on the water with its five exclusive restaurants and lounges. The asymmetrical, organic shapes of WELLCOME and the individually designed décor emphasise the exclusive ambience of the hotel.

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