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Vietnamese Iced Latte

Coffee culture is very important in Vietnam. Really big! And there are many good coffee variations. Our favorite coffee is the Vietnamese Iced Latte - milk coffee on ice. Unlike in Germany, this is not made with fresh milk, but with thick, sweet condensed milk. Served in a glass, the clouds of milk are shown off to their best advantage. By the way, the stylish metal filter for the preparation and the drinking straws made of glass are also available from us.

Articles for trendy coffee specialties

Glass 0.12l
Glass 0.33l
Vietnamese coffee filter 10cm
Bowl round embossed 9cm/0.23l
Bowl round stackable embossed 9cm/0.24l
Glass drinking straw 16cm
iced latte

How to prepare a VIETNAMESE ICED LATTE explains Barista Daniel Schwarz

international coffee

Coffee Tattoo

A stylish design element with very functional properties is the optional Coffee Tattoo on the porcelain tops. It informs about the wall thickness as well as the maximum filling quantities for maintaining temperature profiles and is thus the ideal aid for the staff. It also tells the cup number and the name of the collection.
Like a stamp imprint for limited luxury items, it gives undecorated items their special touch.  Available in a purist black, a neutral gray, and trendy copper, the tattoo is the perfect choice.


More and more guests are looking for high-quality coffee experiences, appreciate the skills of the barista and the charm of local roasteries. That's why many roasteries offer tastings. Indispensable for this are tasteless vessels made of hard porcelain. COFFEE TASTING's cupping bowls also meet the strict standards of the SPECIALITY COFFEE ASSOCIATION.

Cupping Bowls