The name of the SPOT ON collection is not just a name, but a promise: All Eyes on Your Plating Ideas. This stoneware collection draws attention to the presentation of food and sets the perfect stage for any food style.

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SPOT ON sets the scene for every dish

This collection, which consists of coup plates, bowls and dishes, has been specially developed to spark the creativity of experimental restaurateurs and perfectly showcase any style of dining.

We understand that the catering industry is constantly changing. With SPOT ON, we not only offer tableware, but also a platform for the latest food trends.

High-contrast play of colors in coral and black

The basic tone of the plates, bowls and dishes is a sandy shade of beige that provides a neutral stage for a wide variety of food creations. The warm and inviting coloring is achieved by dipping the items in the glazes. The "dipped" items create an appealing atmosphere and emphasize the special character of each dish.

SPOT ON "Koralle" invites restaurateurs to live out their culinary creativity. Followed by a visual freshness in the overall picture, "Coral" harmonizes with any food color. If you want to leave the color component of the plate to the food, go for the black decor.

Subtle elegance thanks to the "Dipped" decoration type

Our "Dipped" decoration gives SPOT ON a timeless and subtle elegance. Inspired by current design trends, this decor sets subtle accents in two colors that emphasize the presentation of your dishes without being obtrusive.

Dipped decoration is a type of partial glazing in which tableware items are dipped and therefore only partially glazed. The first step is to dip most of the shard into the light glaze. This is followed by the color in coral or black, which then overlaps with the beige glaze.