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_breeze coup plates and platters: Summer, sun, sand and a cool sea breeze

Plate flat round coupe 15cm
Plate flat round coupe 21cm
Plate flat round coupe 27cm
Plate flat round coupe 30cm
Plate deep round coupe 23cm
Plate deep round coupe 28cm
Platter oval coupe 25x19cm
Platter oval coupe 31x24cm
Platter oval coupe 36x28cm

_breeze rim plates

Plate round flat high rim 21cm
Plate round flat high rim 27cm
Plate deep round high rim 21cm
Plate deep round high rim 24cm

_breeze bowls, dishes and small bowls

Small dish round 10cm/0.25l
Bowl round 14cm/0.60l
Bowl round 19cm/0.80l
Bowl round 23cm/1.50l
Small dish round 8cm/0.06l

_breeze cups and saucers

Cup 0.08l
Cup 0.21l
Cup 0.34l
Mug 0.25l
Saucer round 12cm
Saucer round 14cm
Saucer round 16cm