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Country House

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Country House Tableware - mix of Materials for a natural Look

he country house style combines old, rustic furniture with light natural tones, which can be found in tiles or curtains. Basically, the mood in the room is airy and loosened up by individual dark contrasts.

The rather clear, simple country house style is complemented with rustic details made of a wide variety of materials such as enamel, brass, linen and ceramics. Rustic tableware with a handmade look and natural, strong colours goes best with this natural look.

In this way, our country house crockery can be perfectly integrated into the surroundings and sets rather dark, simple accents on the table. Another choice is decorative tableware in the country house style, which is a real trendsetter with its festooned/curved rim and delicate décor.


Never out of Style - Country House Tableware