The avant-garde EMBRACE tableware collection is aimed at pioneers who want to present their culinary experiments and creations with a touch of innovation and style. EMBRACE items impress with their nest-shaped form, made from the revolutionary Eco-Gres® material, which consists of 90% recycled ceramic.

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Sustainable and trendy: The amorphous EMBRACE collection

The amorphous shapes of the EMBRACE collection are not only trendy, but also ergonomically designed. They combine soft design language with a natural, nest-like look that is not only visually appealing, but also offers a protective shelter for staged meals.

EMBRACE also surprises with a surprising effect: In the deep bowl, the food is easily hidden behind the overhang, and discovering it becomes a playful act for the guest.

High-contrast material experience in terms of look and feel

The Eco-Gres® material, which is smooth on the inside and naturally rough on the outside, creates a high-contrast, tactile experience. The rough outer surface acts as a palm stone, while the smooth inside forms the perfect canvas for your culinary masterpieces.

This interplay of external roughness in combination with the different glaze colors on the inside creates a harmonious look and feel. The glossy, black glaze gives each piece a modern elegance that goes perfectly with different culinary styles.

In comparison, the light effect glaze brings a lively touch to your table arrangement by capturing subtle nuances and light reflections.