Porcelain from BAUSCHER in the University Hospital Erlangen

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Sabine Heusinger is the hygiene and quality management officer in the central food supply department. She tells us about the many years of use of BAUSCHER porcelain at Erlangen University Hospital.

In successful use for more than 10 years

"More than 10 years ago, we found the perfect duo for us: High-quality porcelain from BAUSCHER combined with a passive system," says Sabine Heusinger. 

Founded in 1815, the hospital today consists of 25 clinics with around 1,400 beds. Both patients and employees of the hospital are catered for by the central kitchen and dine on high-quality porcelain in white. In Erlangen, Cook & Serve means preparing around 5,000 meals every day and delivering them on time.

White porcelain as an all-rounder at Erlangen University Hospital

"Whether it's a meal in the demanding daily work routine or at the patient's bedside, it's not just what is served that is important to us at Erlangen University Hospital; how and on what it is served is also a quality that we value for the sake of our employees and patients. After all, the eye eats with us and for the patients, the meals are sometimes the greatest pleasure of the day. Because BAUSCHER porcelain is multifunctional and has a timeless, elegant design, we can use it in all areas of our hospital. This is a great organizational advantage."

AIRFLOW porcelain collection from BAUSCHER at the clinic: Ergonomic, stackable, functional and beautifully shaped with an arched recess. In addition, the main dinner plate from the DIMENSION porcelain collection is in use at the clinic.

The eye eats with you: Food presentation at the University Hospital Erlangen on the AIRFLOW porcelain collection from BAUSCHER.

Copyright: Franziska Männel/University Hospital Erlangen

Porcelain matched to internal processes

Organization and logistics are key issues in a facility where transport distances are long and around 1,200 patients are served per meal. In the process, some meals travel almost three quarters of an hour from portioning to the patients. As a result, the tableware is exposed to high stresses not only during the hospital-standard tray loading and around the dishwashing conveyor, but also on the way to the patients and likewise on the transport back. "The robust quality of BAUSCHER porcelain allows us to concentrate fully on our patients. We don't need kid gloves even when the trolleys are being put away and taken away at high speed. A "Dötsch" may be heard once in a while, but it is very rarely seen on BAUSCHER porcelain."

Porcelain collection AIRFLOW from BAUSCHER for the hospital sector - rectangular, square or round and with best temperature holding properties. The matching colored lids are also available.

Porcelain quality that pays off

Even though the kitchen has its own set of dishes for each meal, it naturally does not receive every item back from the 1,200 sets sent out three times a day. Of course, there are losses or even breakages on the way. However, Sabine Heusinger is far more interested in the question of how much clatter the porcelain used can withstand before it becomes unsightly or unusable and has to be replaced.

"To put it bluntly, being stingy when buying porcelain is not cool. A supposed saving on the initial purchase can quickly turn into the opposite if goods that are too fragile have to be constantly checked, frequently sorted out and finally completely replaced. We have had this costly experience in the past and since switching to BAUSCHER porcelain, this issue has been resolved. The hard porcelain is insensitive and therefore we have been more than satisfied for more than 10 years. The items from BAUSCHER prove to be durable, even though they rotate in our house permanently and in large quantities."

In addition, the porcelain also meets other criteria that are of great importance to Sabine Wrobel at the Erlangen University Hospital when choosing porcelain: Having long transport routes also means having to maintain temperatures over a long period of time.

"The thicker body of the porcelain from BAUSCHER brings not only solid quality but also a temperature resistance that scores points with us on the long transport routes.

But that's not all: To ensure that hot or even cold meals arrive at the right temperature for the patients, the porcelain and its glaze must also withstand the temperature differences during preparation without damage. Some plates are heated up to 130 degrees, others are cooled down to five degrees. What we like about BAUSCHER porcelain is that it does not show this strain, nor does it show the damage caused by sharp knives and intensive use. This is also made possible by the glaze on the system porcelain."

Functional with AIRFLOW

The thicker body of the AIRFLOW porcelain collection from BAUSCHER makes the functional items robust.

The conclusion

Dank der Langlebigkeit des Porzellans mussten am Universitätsklinikum Erlangen bisher keine Teile komplett aussortiert werden - lediglich die Bruchware wurde ersetzt. Dadurch entstand und entsteht der wirtschaftliche Spielraum, neue Teile sukzessive einzuführen. Das bestehende System wird dadurch aktuell gehalten und in kleinen Schritten aufgewertet – das Vorhandene wird weiter genutzt und das systemkompatible Neue wird einfach integriert.

Nicht nur das Porzellan von BAUSCHER hat sich im Universitätsklinikum Erlangen bewährt - entscheidend ist, dass das Zusammenspiel zwischen dem passiven System, dem Porzellan und auch dem Hygienekonzept, dass Sabine Wrobel verantwortet, funktioniert. "BAUSCHER hat uns bei der damaligen Systemumstellung sehr gut beraten und hat diese begleitet. Auch heute ist es für uns extrem wichtig, einen wirklich verlässlichen und hochspezialisierten Partner an unserer Seite zu haben, der sich kümmert, wenn einmal etwas ist und mit dem wir gemeinsam schnell Lösungen finden. Dazu zählt auch, dass wir Anregungen für Prozessoptimierungen erhalten oder auch mal einen Denkanstoß durch neue Porzellanformen oder neue Funktionen."

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