COMPANION made of high-quality hard porcelain offers a range of possibilities for many restaurateurs since the petrol-colored glaze makes COMPANION a true all-rounder. Petrol is not only an unusual tableware color, but also a real all-rounder and goes perfectly with a wide variety of food colors.

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COMPANION collection in petrol – the color of individuality

The color-glazed items in our vibrant petrol-green glaze are not only a visual highlight, but also harmonize perfectly with a variety of dishes in a wide range of colors. Ideal for individual plating styles that will delight your guests.

Versatility in 18 parts

The COMPANION collection presents a well thought-out range of 18 multifunctional items. From deep and shallow coup plates to bowls and platters in various sizes, each piece has been carefully selected to offer maximum versatility and elegance. The original SHIRO shape can also be combined in all its diversity for a mix & match interplay. The NARA ROSÉ and NARA WHITE mugs also create a beautiful harmony on the table.