Porcelain from BAUSCHER at Weiden Hospital

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Proven for almost a quarter of a century

Ronny Hinderlich has been at Weiden Hospital for 24 years, and the head of the kitchen has been working with porcelain from Bauscher for 24 years. Whether it's meals for patients, employees or visitors, the hospital in Weiden relies exclusively on porcelain from BAUSCHER. This is to remain the case even after the changeover to a central kitchen. An important reason for this is the regional proximity, because the porcelain manufacturer BAUSCHER and its technical consultants are directly on site and the exchange is intensive.

With around 650 beds and almost 1,800 employees, Weiden Hospital is the largest medical provider in the Kliniken Nordoberpfalz AG hospital network, which includes two other acute-care hospitals and five other medical facilities. At the Weiden Clinic, Ronny Hinderlich is the first point of contact when it comes to the kitchen and smooth processes. Being able to count on the right china and the right partner for the hospital is a high priority for him:

"In terms of timing, everything here is closely timed: 1,000 - 1,200 lunches are prepared in our kitchen, with the focus on patient meals. The break resistance and durability of the porcelain is a very important criterion for us - porcelain should not look like it's been around for ten years after half a year, even after several zillion rinses. The porcelain from BAUSCHER stands up to our high demands and also looks high-quality."


Porcelain collection AIRFLOW from BAUSCHER for the patient area - rectangular, square or round and with best temperature holding properties. Matching colored lids are available. A main course plate from the DIMENSION collection is also in use at the Weiden Clinic.

In the cafeteria of the Weiden Clinic, the BONN BISTRO collection with the FREE ART décor is used, and the DIMENSION porcelain collection is used in the staff canteen.

BAUSCHER porcelain is customizable

The fact that the visual appearance plays an important role around the food presentation in the house can also be seen in the articles: The entire porcelain was individualized with the logo of the house and colored decorative elements, which vary depending on the area of use. For example, the porcelain in the cafeteria features somewhat more striking patterns and color accents, while a more discreet blue color stripe was chosen for the outdoor buildings.

With the CHANGE decor concept, BAUSCHER offers further options for customizing the functional AIRFLOW porcelain collection.

Individualization of porcelain through decor concepts

"The main thing is that the porcelain doesn't look stale. That's why we've currently decided against the classic three-piece set and are focusing on individual elements. Our new plate, for example, has a higher rim. It looks nicer, it spills less, and we've found that food stays hot longer."

BAUSCHER porcelain convinces with its functionality

In addition to the visual appearance, however, functionality is the decisive factor: "The porcelain from BAUSCHER is very stackable, which is an important functional criterion for us. The same applies to the multifunctionality of the pieces, which have to be used for modern dishes as well as for classic ones, for example in rehab. But it is particularly important that all lids fit perfectly on the porcelain - whether to meet hygienic requirements, maintain temperature or for overall handling."

AIRFLOW porcelain collection from BAUSCHER for the hospital sector: ergonomic, stackable, functional and beautifully shaped with an arched recess.

AIRFLOW Collection

AIRFLOW - Stew bowl round stackable
AIRFLOW - Platter rectangular
AIRFLOW - Bowl square stackable
AIRFLOW - Bowl rectangular stackable
AIRFLOW - Bowl round stackable
AIRFLOW - Soup bowl round stackable spill-proof
AIRFLOW - Small dish round stackable
AIRFLOW - Plate flat round coupe
AIRFLOW - Stew bowl round stackable pl. bottom
AIRFLOW - Bowl round stackable pl. bottom
AIRFLOW - Soup bowl small rd. stackable pl. bottom
AIRFLOW - Soup bowl round stackable pl. bottom

Process optimization in cooperation with BAUSCHER

To ensure that the porcelain remains up to date and meets all requirements, Ronny Hinderlich and the experts from BAUSCHER Porcelain regularly sit down together. "With BAUSCHER's expert consultants, we discuss current topics, improve processes and solve specific problems. For example, we found out together that it was not due to the porcelain quality when many parts were damaged. A wave on the rinsing belt was the reason, which could be eliminated relatively quickly. Together, we also found a solution that allows us to respond to patient requests better than before and to avoid waste. Since we have been asking patients very specifically what meals they would like, it has turned out that soups are popular, but in much smaller quantities than they were previously served. In line with the system, we then decided on a smaller soup bowl from Bauscher. This way we avoid waste and also have a higher bowl with better temperature-retaining properties. Working with BAUSCHER on this is not only productive, but is also pleasant and fun."