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bowl food

Bowls are the new deep plates

The principle is the same for all food bowls, whether PokĂ©, Buddha or Noodle Bowl. Ingredients are closely layered and draped. What's needed here are snug containers that gently cradle the food.

bowl food

The idea of serving meals in a bowl came from a Tex-Mex restaurant in the United States. That was the birth of the "Burrito Bowl". In 2015, the vegan restaurant "The Bowl" opened in Berlin.

Bowl Time

Bowls are so popular because they fit perfectly with the spirit of time. Awareness of healthy eating has increased enormously in recent years. Health-conscious gourmets pay special attention to the quality and origin of their food.


Bowls meet "Regional Cuisine"


Much-loved regional specialties - newly and freshly interpreted, prepared with regional ingredients - are another trend that bowls can serve perfectly.


Pasta, salads, classic stews or pastries fit perfectly into a bowl and can be eaten quickly with a fork, spoon or chopsticks when things have to go fast. You don't need knives for this.


One bowl for (almost) all dishes

Food stylist Monka Schuster presents the multifunctional EATERY Bowl 19 cm with a wide variety of food.

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Every colour a new world
Colors can always be used to set new accents on the table. Often, a single IT piece in a trendy color is all you need to give your creativity free rein. Just like fashion, beauty and interior, TAFELSTERN always has an eye on the color shades of the year.

Just like fashion, beauty and interior, BHS tabletop always has an eye on the color tones of the year.

Bowl food

It's Bowling Time


... and even more possibilities!

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Bowls in GRAY and SEA colors and with structure, LINEA.
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