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Depending on the environment, tea and coffee specialties are served in a wide variety of forms. The enjoyment of espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte or simple filter coffee, as well as tea in the most diverse varieties accompanies almost everyone through the day. In the morning in the office, to take away during the break, after lunch or with a piece of cake in the café - hot drinks are popular at any time of day and in any place. They are often accompanied by cakes and pastries, but also by hearty snacks such as soups, baguettes, or other snacks for small appetites.

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Coffee enjoyment for all

Espresso, coffee or tea - we encounter the popular hot drinks almost everywhere in everyday life. In the office, in the canteen, in the restaurant, café or hotel, even on the road as a companion in the coffee-to-go cup, coffee and co. have become indispensable. Thus, the cups and mugs must also adapt to the different locations and their requirements. The right tableware not only sets the scene for drinks and food, but also fits into the overall room concept and underlines the atmosphere, whether it's a traditional Viennese coffee house, a Scandinavian restaurant or a vintage café.


Coffee tableware in a wide range of styles

Modern with the collection RELATION TODAY
Combination with OPTIONS plates and the Slow Coffee Maker from PLAYGROUND.
Classic with the collection CREATE
Country house with collection MARIE CHRISTINE
We will be happy to advise you on the decor NOSTALGIA shown.
Exceptional with the collection COFFEE TASTING
Classic with the collection PURITY

Healthy snacking, not only through healthy snacks

What is meant by a healthy snack anyway? Low-calorie snacks, vegetarian or vegan snacks, sugar-free snacks, savory snacks, gluten-free snacks, salty snacks, or do sweet snacks count as well? One thing is clear snack means a small snack. In the truest sense of the word, it should stay with a healthy snack, a small snack, no matter which of the above is preferred.

Traditional meal times such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are increasingly seldom firmly observed in the fast-paced, modern world of work and leisure. Followed by his appetite, the classic main meal is thus replaced by a quick snack in between. Known as a takeaway snack, the trend is to eat it on the go. But here, too, healthy snacking means not only eating a healthy, small snack, but also enjoying it. Preferably eat fresh coffee and cake in a café or bakery, take a little break from everyday life and get your mind off things.   

Conclusion: It therefore does not matter whether it is a sweet or salty snack. The advantage is even the alternation between sweet pastry and savory sandwich. As long as it stays with a small snack and is not eaten around the clock. The main thing is to enjoy the treat, combined with a break from everyday life, and this is probably best done in a cozy café or in the bakery around the corner. 


Tableware bestseller for cafes, bakeries and bistros

Coffee and cake in the bakery

Where it smells of rolls, bread and cakes, coffee tastes especially good. Today, you can enjoy many coffee specialties and snacks in modern bakeries. From espresso, to cappuccino and latte macchiato, to filter coffee - the sky's the limit when it comes to hot drinks. The pastries at the counter also have a variety to suit every taste, whether salty snacks in the form of sandwiches or sweet snacks such as sweet pastries or cakes. But the eye not only eats with you, but is also pleased when the snack and drink are served on beautiful tableware.

With the TAKE A BREAK collection, choosing the right tableware for a bakery or café is now even easier. The selection of cups are matched to the fill volumes of the coffee machines, but the size of the plates, platters and bowls also make them ideal for serving small snacks. 

Especially when the tableware is used frequently, the positive properties of porcelain come to the fore. Porcelain tableware is dishwasher safe, shatterproof with high edge impact resistance, abrasion resistant and can be used in the microwave. For more information about the properties of our porcelain, please see the FAQs

Personalized tableware for cafes and bakeries

Many cafes and bakeries have chosen to personalize their cups, mugs, plates and bowls. The in-house logo on the tableware turns a cup into a personal business card. In addition, the house color can be picked up on personalized porcelain, as a decoration e.g. in the form of a line or as a color stripe. Visually interesting is also a decoration in the cup.

Coffee trends 2022

As a stimulant, coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks. Whether as filter coffee or espresso, with milk as cappuccino or rather as latte macchiato - popular in all possible variations, there are again the new coffee trends 2022 this year. New interpretations with coffee provide an interesting variety especially in the gastronomy.

It can be said in advance that many of the coffee trends in 2022 are based on cold coffee. Cold coffee or espresso brings a great advantage, as it can be prepared the day before. High-quality coffee is particularly popular for this, because the longer roasting time, creates a greater variety of different flavors. It also contains fewer acids and is therefore more digestible.


Coffee trend 2022 No. 1: Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is coffee infused with cold water. A lightly roasted, high-quality coffee is used for this purpose, making it fruitier and not as bitter in taste. Coarsely ground, it is placed in the refrigerator at a ratio of 1:10 for at least 7 to 12 hours. After the Cold Brew Coffee has steeped, it contains a full volume of flavor, which elicits new aromas from the coffee bean.


Coffee Trend 2022 No. 2: Proffee (Coffee with Protein)

Proffee is preferred by fitness fans or health-conscious guests because it combines iced coffee with a protein shake. Protein powder is stirred with milk and mixed with cold coffee. Finally, ice cubes are added. Instead of cold coffee, cold espresso or cold brew coffee can also be used.


Coffee trend 2022 No. 3: Coffee combined with soft drinks

Coffee is also suitable for combination with soft drinks. How about a coffee soda or an espresso tonic? A coffee soda consists of soda water with vanilla syrup and a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. To this is added an espresso and a shot of coffee creamer. The preparation of an espresso tonic is even simpler. An espresso is infused with 150 ml of tonic water, a squeeze of lemon is added and the refreshing drink with caffeine is ready.

For delicious coffee, quality is also paramount

Organic and Fairtrade should be thought about not only in the context of coffee trends. Apart from your guests, who will be delighted with the aromatic taste of organic coffee, nature can also be relieved. Because with the complex preparation and the cultivation in countries close to the equator also accordingly CO² is produced. With organic coffee we can free our nature from pesticides and plant protection products. If the Fairtrade label is also on the coffee packaging, you also support good working conditions and fair compensation for coffee farmers.


Coffee to go in a porcelain coffee-to-go cup.

Coffee mug

Customers and employees will appreciate the new coffee-to-go cups made of durable hard porcelain. Whether coffee or tea - the porcelain to-go cups are tasteless and can be used again and again. Apart from that, the thick-walled porcelain retains heat excellently, can be used in the microwave and is dishwasher safe. A silicone band with nubs ensures a secure grip, which also prevents fingers from burning.