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Buffets for every Occasion

Company celebrations, corporate events or congresses - buffets are a flexible, fast and varied way of providing professional catering for events. In the hotel industry too, guests all over the world put together their own breakfast at stationary buffets. Attentive service freshly replenishes the offer if necessary or supplements further dishes. In order to design small or large buffet landscapes that save as much space as possible, the tableware used must be well coordinated and at the same time create a visually appealing, harmonious ensemble. 


Turn your buffet into an inviting playground and mix and match items from different collections yourself!


Buffet Best Sellers


Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast is the most important meal for many people, whether business travelers or vacationers. Accommodation is sometimes booked because a varied breakfast is offered. Since many foods are offered chilled at breakfast buffets, GN trays with a flat base are perfect for cold cuts or cheese. Square trays save space and make set-up easier. With your different heights, visually appealing buffet landscapes succeed easily and quickly.

Bowls for your Breakfast Buffet

Bowl square 17x17cm/0.80l
Bowl square 24x24cm/2.30l
Bowl square 31x31cm/4.40l
Bowl square 34x34cm/5.00l
Bowl square 12x12cm/0.28l
Bowl square 14x14cm/0.40l

GN items for your Breakfast Buffet

Sugar stick holder 19x8cm
Gastronorm dish 1/1 20mm/1.47l
Gastronorm dish 1/2 20mm/0.58l
Gastronorm dish 1/3 20mm/0.34l
Gastronorm dish 2/3 20mm/0.92l
Gastronorm dish 2/4 20mm/0.65l

Finger Food

Finger foods are relatively small portions of food that can easily be eaten with the hands or small forks and spoons while standing. Especially at receptions, the bite-sized appetizers facilitate communication between guests. One is not bound to any formal table order and can float freely between the invitees. All the attention goes to getting to know each other and to the conversations.

At seminars or meetings, trade fairs, conferences or company celebrations - the occasions on which finger food is served are as varied as the dishes. The spectrum ranges from simple snacks to gourmet creations in miniature, depending on the budget or type of event.


Ideas for Fingerfood Presentations

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Collection CONTOUR
Kollektion SCENARIO GN
Collection WELLCOME

Collections for Buffet


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