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black magic

Arrangement on dark Surfaces

When night falls, our eyes, ears and sense of touch go on guard. Darkness sensitizes our senses, sharpens alertness, arouses curiosity. Courageous chefs discover this goose bump effect for intensive new presentations. Black or dark-toned presentation surfaces make their reduced color compositions shine. The very courageous take black magic to the extreme and experiment with black food on black stoneware.


Spots on!

2in1 gray-white
The 2in1 collection looks and feels handmade and convinces with its minimalist design..
NARA spotted light
Thanks to its craftsmanship, a charming contrast is created between smooth surfaces and uneven structures of the effect glaze.
The stoneware collection COAST & COUNTRY in cast iron look convinces with surprising functions and restrained design.
BRUSH black
The delicate, two-dimensional relief structure lends the clear form of the plates and platforms a special effect.


Industrial Style

Cool cast iron look - that's what COAST & COUNTRY stands for. The fluted plateaus function as lids or as small plates. A serving-friendly highlight: the central bar on the plate and platter fixes the bowls and plateaus made of stoneware and wood.

GLOW collection

Basic Instincts

Can plates be erotic? With a brilliant red effect glaze and seductive anthracite-coloured accents, GLOW confidently wipes the question off the table. The thick body underlines the powerful statement. A bit 70s vintage or typically Asian? Each piece is unique.

Black magic

Heavy Metal

Serve Industrial Style - the purist version of Shabby Chic that makes not only men's hearts beat faster. Your dining platforms: no-frills NARA stoneware, whose surface is reminiscent of the rough, solid beauty of cast iron.

"Cooking is like painting or composing: There are only a certain number of colours and notes. What matters is how you combine them".

Wolfgang Puck
Chef and Gastronomist