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Industry 4.0

A modern checkout technology that recognizes without error which food is on the plate and calculates the exact price? This is not a dream of the future but "payment by intelligent solutions". In short: PABIS.


PABIS briefly explained

PABIS - the first intelligent plate 

With PABIS (payment by intelligent solutions), billing processes can be automated and associated costs significantly reduced:
The use of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) makes it easy to trace the path of the goods.
Individual information is transmitted contact-free via a radio-controlled chip (transponder).
Based on this technology, BAUSCHER, together with avus Services, has developed an almost 100% accurate billing solution for community catering.

PABIS consists of various components:


  • A transponder fixed to the underside of the tableware.
  • Wireless antenna stations at the counter or cash register and a till system that reads in the transponder data and deducts the relevant amount from the diner’s magnetic card.
  • The chip automatically identifies the meal on the tableware and transmits the data wirelessly to the till, where the customer can pay by card which is a quick and easy procedure.
  • Pabis can also be linked to an inventory management system, so that sold products can be quickly reordered and restocked, ensuring a high level of planning reliability.

RFID is a contactless system that transfers data by electro - magnetic wireless technology via the transponder, which is dishwasher-save and not sensitive to moisture, temperatures up to 85 °C, vibrations or dirt.
PABIS works in integration with all BAUSCHER collections. Make the most of this added flexibility. We will be happy to advise you during a personal consulation!