Soup cuisine as a concept

Whether fine or hearty, Mediterranean or Asian, fiery or gentle: A soup not only warms the stomach in the cold season, but is also considered a pleasure that gives energy - provided that the ingredients are rich in vitamins and fresh or they are cooked for a particularly long time according to Chinese tradition to act as a power donor.

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Since not all soups are the same and the range of variations extends from pureed vegetable soups, to stocks with preserves, to stews, cream and herb soups, so many recipe ideas can be found that one soup week can follow the next in winter.

The (soup) idea for gastronomy

For example, there may be a vegetable soup week, in which fresh ingredients are used, at the beginning of the cold season; a soup week, when it's time to shovel snow; and a week of fine stock soups for the festive season. Alternatively, there are theme weeks in which the traditional soups of individual countries or regions are presented and which surprise especially with typical local spices.

Soup variety made easy

Because most soups are easy to prepare and can be refrigerated or frozen, soup kitchens are rarely hectic - even if the dining room suddenly fills up with a lot of business people at lunchtime.

Soup weeks with motto

What distinguishes the soup week from the usual offer of a soup of the day is the motto under which the whole week stands - supplemented by a certain breadth of the offer and by the staging of the presentation:

The right tableware for your soup

Soup plate
Soup plates are perfect when guests want to see all the ingredients at first glance and chefs want to put special decorations on them. They are available as coup or rim plates, the latter being particularly suitable for perfect serving, as service staff can grip the plate better. The wide dining surface makes it easier for soup to spill over, so soup plates are particularly suitable for bound soups, vegetable soups or stews.
Bowls are suitable for a warming soup as an appetizer. Due to the smaller amount of soup in a bowl, both alloyed soups and clear soups can be served well in it. At the beginning of a menu sequence, soups become a special eye-catcher when the soup bowl comes to the table in an individual shape or color.
Small bowl
Of course, soups stay warm longer in higher, closed small bowls. Small bowls come in a wide variety of sizes, which are selected depending on the contents. As a show effect and if you want them to stay warm for a particularly long time, you can also use a lid.
Soup dishes are preferred for main courses because of their size. Their diameter starts at 15 cm, so they are popular for stews or, for example, in Asian cuisine, when soups are served with garnishes.
Soup cup
Soup cups have handles and are ideal for clear soups such as bouillons or consommés. Because they can be taken in the hand and brought closer to the mouth, to drink the rest of the soup. A matching saucer is used for easy serving and the spoon can be placed on it in between.