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What's on the plate in front of the person sitting next to me? Trying it is no longer a problem! "Sharing food" is the new trend. 

Sharing Food

Today, it permeates all levels of society. Whether it's vegan snacks or exquisite appetizers at luxury restaurants, sharing food is everywhere today. One reason for this is probably the agony of choice in a huge menu offering. Having to decide on a single dish from an abundance of dishes can be difficult. Much more tempting is the possibility to taste different appetizers and to talk about them.

Sharing Food - Sharing Joy

In modern societies, groups of friends are increasingly taking the place of family and fixed
and fixed partner structures. But the longing for family closeness and the warmth of a nest remains and is
is shifting to the restaurant. Long tables and the revival of generous bowls and platters enable
platters allow for conviviality, exchange and shared palate pleasures. 

"The biggest social network in the world is food. Not Facebook."

Ferran Adria