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For festive Moments

A banquet in its original meaning is a communal meal in a festive setting for a special occasion or in honor of a special guest. In the catering industry, the term is usually used to refer to an in-house event that goes beyond the normal à la carte business, such as weddings or anniversaries. Those who want to leave a lasting culinary and visual impression at such events also think long-term when it comes to porcelain. Combining basic items such as plates with unusual items, for show at the table or highlighting special dishes make for the perfect presentation.


A moment with high expectations and which should remain in the lasting memory of the invited guests.

Always a special event

No matter whether ten guests are gathered for the occasion or whether a large crowd of 600 people needs to be catered for. Purity from Bauscher masters small and large banquets with professional bravura. This is because the sophisticated range of articles combines aesthetics with functionality that can be interpreted in many different ways.


Experts for larger Events

Speaking of functionality, perfect stacking is an absolute must with the sometimes large quantities of dishes. To keep food warm, common warming carts or cloches are often used.


Our Banquet Professionals

Collection CONNECT
Serving friendly.
Collection SHIRO
Edge impact resistant.
Collection CONNECT
Fits under common metal cloches.
Collection CONNECT
Perfect banquet stacking.
Collection CONTOUR
Space-saving at the table.