Christmas table decoration

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Ideas for a festive table

The table: Festively set, it is the stage of a successful Christmas dinner. Where the table decoration is rather simple during the year, it may be a little more at Christmas. Suddenly, the Christmas table decoration consists of natural materials such as fir branches, pine cones or wood in combination with Christmas balls in red, green or pink. Even the cutlery, whether silver or gold, and the plates are often color-coordinated with the table decoration at Christmas.

Even the choice of tableware can become a challenge at Christmas. Because especially at Christmas often like to serve several courses and these need finally also different plates. Starting with the place plate followed by dinner plates, dessert plates and pastry plates, which are made of porcelain make the decorated Christmas table look even more noble and festive. Thus, not only the choice of plates, but also the decoration at this time of year differs from an everyday restaurant visit.

If you are still looking for one or the other idea, how a modern, rustic or noble table decoration for Christmas can look like and how the Christmas table now becomes even more of a highlight, you should not miss the following tips.

Natural materials combined with golden accents as table decoration for Christmas

Fir branches, cones and co. for a rustic table decoration

Natural materials are part of the classic Christmas decoration. Whether as a fir tree, tied to the Advent wreath or as a table decoration at Christmas, the branches of coniferous trees are popular and versatile decorative elements and thus always on trend.

Therefore, fir branches and cones are particularly suitable for a rustic Christmas table decoration. Moreover, they can be perfectly combined with all other materials and colors. 
Among the glass cloches, the green Christmas balls harmonize wonderfully with the green natural materials and round off the Christmas table decoration.

Also the fairy lights as a discreet light source, as well as the tea lights provide a romantic feeling. Of course, the wooden table also contributes to the rustic Christmas table decoration. As a base for decorations, plates and cutlery, it is an absolute eye-catcher and rounds off the entire look.

Gold meets a rustic Christmas table decoration

Black ceramic tableware is modern and forms the basis of this rustic, Christmas table decoration. Not only at Christmas, black is now a popular color for choosing different plates and bowls, because it highlights the food in color and makes it shine more intensely. The bowls also lend themselves wonderfully to tea lights and are an ideal match for the rest of the tableware. The combination of warm wood and golden cutlery makes the generally rustic Christmas table decoration look inviting and classy at the same time. Without much effort, great accents are set with gold elements. 

NARA BLACK - Plate flat round
NARA BLACK - Saucer round
NARA BLACK - Mug embossed
NARA BLACK - Platter rectangular embossed
NARA BLACK - Small dish round embossed
NARA BLACK - Cup embossed

Noble table decoration for Christmas with red details

Red and white as elegant Christmas table decoration

Not only as a table decoration red is the absolute classic at Christmas, also on the Christmas tree red baubles are traditional and popular every year. However, for a classy Christmas table decoration, setting the table should start with a tablecloth.

Traditionally, it is white, so red decorative elements can be set off well. Conversely, a red tablecloth highlights white plates, but the rest of the table decoration should be kept simple and in light colors.

A cloth napkin, table runner or placemat are also textiles that make a Christmas table decoration look elegant and festive. Complementing a simple, noble table decoration also fit red candles, red bows, ribbons and berries.

Gold, silver or copper - the perfect combination with red table decorations

Silver cutlery, gold cutlery or cutlery in copper - no matter what the choice, red goes with any metal color. As a table decoration, gold in combination with red is particularly noble at Christmas. Apart from Christmas, gold cutlery, especially in matte gold, is absolutely popular at this time of year. Silver cutlery is considered classic and of course harmonizes with red table decorations. Compared to silver cutlery, cutlery in copper provides special accents and is considered rather atypical. In connection with the red colors of the Christmas table decoration, copper cutlery sets real eye-catchers, especially if the rest of the table decoration is kept simple, in white and natural tones. 

WELLCOME - Plate flat asymmetric coupe
PURITY COUP - Plate deep round coupe

With stacked plates to the beautifully set Christmas table

The place plate at Christmas as a real eye-catcher

Why not integrate the plates of the various courses at Christmas in the table decoration? Whether plates made of porcelain, ceramic or wood, if different shapes and colors are placed on top of each other, it immediately creates a more elegant overall picture.

Usually, the place setting begins with a place plate. This can be made of a variety of materials, since it is not eaten from and serves only as a decorative plate. Thus, the material of the plate, can also be taken up in the rest of the table decoration again.

For Christmas, of course, a porcelain dinner plate with silver decor, on which a dessert plate with matching bowl is placed, will fit perfectly. At the same time, white plates with relief look particularly noble, which makes them perfect for a Christmas table decoration. 

Is pink Christmas table decor the new red?

One thing is clear, red table decoration for Christmas is and remains a classic. The subtle version of it is reflected in pink, old pink or bordeaux. As table decorations, Christmas baubles in these colors are more restrained than red baubles and harmonize wonderfully with wood or natural decorative elements. The table decoration in pink, combined with silver cutlery and the simple green tones of various branches, can also be wonderfully integrated into a Christmas gastronomic concept in country style. Here, the presenters made of acacia wood perfectly match the place settings and complete the stacking look. Last but not least, the candles on the table are lit, which underline the festive mood and set a Christmas decoration eye-catcher with their shape of a fir tree.

PLAYGROUND - Plate flat round
DELIGHT - Plate flat round coupe
LOFT - Presenter rectangular
LOFT - Presenter rectangular
LOFT - Presenter rectangular
EATERY - Bowl round
EATERY - Small dish round