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Tell amusing stories that guests like to share via smartphone.

In the Empire of the Dwarves.

The NARA espresso cups turn into mushrooms. The lids: small buns. Magical worldview presented on a narrow wooden serving board with indentations. Welcome to the magic forest!

NARA Bowls


"The Fantastic Four"

A real impostor, invented exclusively for PLAYGROUND: the vertical food presentation with the Amuse Tower. The dimensions of time and space are whirled around. What is the order? What to start with? A puzzle, or an invitation to free choice.


Splatter Movie

Great cinema - the purest thrill! Directed by the chef. The screen: BRUSH. The fine relief structure of the stoneware in delicate gray becomes the projection surface for wild fantasies. Guaranteed to be the new blockbuster:

"I always say that I don't think I'm a chef. I try to be a storyteller".

José Andrés
Spanisch-American Chef

Circus of Fantasy

Cotton candy served in mini terracotta flower pot. PLAYGROUND awakens the child in the guest. An adorable performance for all playful sweet tooths.

CARVED Collection

Fisherman's Friends

Not for philistines: salmon lollipops on avocado mousse. The CARVED stoneware plate is the canvas for this humorous challenge to dining conventions with its silk-matt, dark brown glaze.

What's great about it: only minimal effort is required to create a delightful visual confusion. The relaxed treatment with exquisite fish and small blossoms evokes memories of childhood summer days. With a delicious ice lolly.  As they say in Hamburg: "mud on a stick".