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Noble China is not the same as bone china, but better

Gourmet restaurants prefer to serve their fancy and colorful menus on fine white porcelain plates. Our versatile tableware classics impress with their thoughtful, timeless design which are used in a wide variety of restaurants. Thanks to our thin, innovative Noble China, some Fine Dining collections are even more resilient and durable. Noble China is not to be confused with bone china, although it is also a cream-colored porcelain. Unlike bone china, Noble China is lead-free, cadmium-free, and bone ash-free, making it vegan. 

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With a clear aesthetic statement and a graceful new materiality like Noble China, PURITY has all the qualities to become a modern classic.


Sovereign lightness. And it begins with the use of a fascinating material - Noble China. The collection owes its incredible yet resilient fineness to this thin, innovative hard porcelain, which does not contain any lead, cadmium or animal components.


With an unusual look, the design of the newcomer made of filigree Noble China opens up a new world between nostalgia and new territory.


Classic elegance - in a clear, timeless form. The special charm of FINE DINING lies in the combination of round, oval, rectangular and square plates and platters.