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Delightful Dining

Based on market and trend analyses, BAUSCHER develops creative shapes and solutions for interesting food presentations that also facilitate use. For the star chef as well as for the serving staff, the caterer or the person in need of care. The result is BAUSCHER's characteristic functionality, thought out down to the last detail, combined with aesthetic design.


The Whole Spectrum 

  • Solution-oriented concepts, own product development
  • Multiple award-winning design
  • Language of form always close to the trend
  • Professional porcelain in three different materials: Hard Porcelain, Duracream, Noble China

Creative, highly functional forms of presentation

Market Analysis

Function shapes Design

Professional quality - Made in Germany

Our hard porcelain, one of the hardest materials in the world, is characterized by a very high edge impact resistance and an extremely high scratch resistance of the glaze. Using the best raw materials and a sophisticated composition of kaolin, quartz and feldspar, fired at over 1,400°C, we create a premium quality porcelain that has proven itself in use in the catering industry for over 135 years.

Material Diversity

  • Firing temperatures of above 1,400 °C guarantee maximum hardness of porcelain and glaze

  • Durable due to: chip-resistant edges, wear and scratch-resistant glazes, homogeneous, completely dense surfaces and glazed, polished edges and feet

  • Excellent heat retention

  • Quality and efficiency 100% Made in Germany

  • Highly automated technology

  • Energy-efficient, resource-friendly manufacturing