BAGASSE - environmentally friendly disposable tableware made from sugar cane


The disposable tableware collection BAGASSE is made of bagasse, just like the name. The material bagasse consists of 70% sugar cane and 30% FSC pulp. Both are produced as waste during the production of sugar. Thus, this ecological and sustainable disposable tableware is biodegradable. Apart from the eco-friendly composition of this disposable tableware, it is also flexible in its use. It is suitable for liquid soups as well as for cutting solid food. Moreover, its white color also allows it to be used as disposable tableware for weddings or as party tableware. The existing range of plates, bowls and dishes is supplemented with new BAGASSE items, such as burger boxes, cups and lids for the bowls. In this way, BAGASSE disposable tableware offers a wide range of possible combinations for its individual use.


 Versatile application