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EMU - Place mat rectangular

  • Article number: 7 95 8020 91 000304
  • Material: Leather
  • Length: 450 mm / 17.72 inch
  • Width: 330 mm / 12.99 inch
  • Height (1 Piece): 3 mm / 0.12 inch
  • Weight: 222 g
  • Packing unit: 6

EMU - Place mat rectangular - dark chocolate 45x33cm

Ostrich effect place mats made from recycled leather and natural latex offer a sustainable solution for smart dining culture! Each day, traditional leather processing results in enormous amounts of surplus leather, most of which has remained unused to date. In a special process, this leftover leather is shredded, liquefied and then mixed with a carrier material made of 100% natural rubber. The final result is a new product category for set tables. Leather place mats with a high-quality appearance and functional properties that make them ideal for the demands of restaurants: water-repellent, scratch-resistant, washable, lightfast, robust, durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use AND the sets can be cleaned with disinfectant, so they are hygienically safe.
  • Not dishwasher-safe

  • Not suitable for microwave

  • Not oven-safe

EMU - Place mat rectangular - dark chocolate 45x33cm


Placemats made from recycled leather scraps with natural rubber. The placemats and coasters are transformed from traditional leather processing into hard-wearing and durable products. They are made from 85% recycled leather and 15% natural rubber (renewable  raw material) - it is therefore a 100% natural product. In a special manufacturing process, the leather scraps are shredded, liquefied and then mixed with a base material made of rubber. - The upper sides of the placemats and coasters are made of leather, on the undersides, the natural rubber has been additionally coated to prevent water penetration on the underside as well.

Due to the manufacturing process, the sets are very robust, durable and high quality. The sets are also water repellent, scratch resistant and heat resistant up to approx. 80°C. The sets are light- and color-fast, which also makes them ideal for outdoor catering. They are very easy to clean and can simply be wiped with a little washing-up liquid on a damp cloth. - The sets should always be cleaned immediately after use, as certain foods and liquids can stain if left in contact for a long period of time.  Sets should not be bent or folded.

Not dishwasher safe
Not microwave safe
Not oven safe

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