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Tableware for the most diverse buffet landscapes

Buffets are a practical, popular and individual way of food presentation in hotels, moreover popular with its guests, because it creates a friendly atmosphere and there is something for every taste. The space-saving buffet tableware with the perfectly matched bowls, dishes, small bowls and GN bowls, presenters, platters, cruets, chafing dishes and cooling elements from our buffet collections, can be put together to form a stationary buffet or a variety of landscapes made of porcelain. As a tableware professional, we understand the importance of offering banquet-stackable tableware, such as coffee and soup cups, and providing sophisticated solutions to meet a wide range of demands and budgets. 

Breakfast buffet


Collections for Your Buffet


A wide range of professional items for a wide variety of buffet themes.


The basic geometric shape makes it perfect for buffets. Variety of shapes for the laid table.


Suitable for all common chafing dishes. Available in different heights.


Square, practical, perfect for the buffet.