Bernd Hummer - Executive Director, Human Resources

Bernd Hummer,
Executive Director, Human Resources

The ever-growing level of qualification amongst our workforce allows us to gear up for the future.

"For us, people stand in the focus of attention" – this phrase has already become a worn-out cliché. It can be read in every second book on entrepreneurial philosophy. But this statement does not apply to BHS. Evidently because our employees do not stand still, but rather are continuously moving and developing further. It is not for nothing that BHS regards itself as a dynamic and hands-on company. New and better things can only be created on the basis of the restless and insistent, sometimes even arduous striving for improvement that is anchored conceptionally in our business model. This applies to our brands, our customer relationships and to the employees themselves.

At BHS couch potatoes are out of place. Those who are prepared to refine themselves, to continue their training and to make their contribution  to our overall performance will be a perfect fit to us. Our company culture demands a great deal – but gives a lot in return. We invest continuously in special training programmes in order to improve our workforce's qualifications. Regular surveys of employees' opinions mirror where we stand and where there is still room for improvement according to their opinion.

Usually, it is the one who works directly on the product who has the best ideas for technical innovations. These suggestions are examined and implemented if they will move us ahead. A sympathetic ear to every idea for improvement and a significant readiness for implementation create a working atmosphere characterised by trust. This helps us to continue setting the standards for the industry in all operating areas, as we have already been doing for years. Thanks to the high level of qualification amongst our workforce, we can commit ourselves to the production sites in Germany and defend our market leadership amidst global competition. Our employees are our most valuable capital.