TAFELSTERN professional porcelain

The TAFELSTERN brand (referred to as Hutschenreuther Hotel up to 2006) deliberately bears a German name following the rebranding: For one thing, German porcelain stands for top quality by international comparison. For another thing, the components of the name "Tafel" (table) and "Stern" (star) create positive associations for a perfectly set table.

As international brand for hotels and restaurants with high ambitions and expectations, Tafelstern stands for the embodiment of cultivated table culture at the highest level. Manufacturing premium porcelain "made in Germany" calls for flawless, particularly long-lasting product quality and a quest for accomplished design, in form and decor. That in turn requires a spirit of creativity, boldness, a refusal to conform and a high degree of flexibility.

It is the ambition of the Tafelstern brand to accommodate the high confidence, appreciation and loyalty shown by its customers.  An outstanding service tops these basic values off.