BHS tabletop AG - Verantwortung

Shaped by Responsibility

BHS assume economic, social and ecological responsibility – in the world of today and for future generations. Our goal is to carry the economic success and stability of BHS responsibly and sustainably forward into the future. The commitment to the location of Germany is a reflection of our responsibility towards society. We secure jobs and support our employees. Sustainable economic management and modern environmental management are firmly anchored in our processes and our code of conduct. We also consider sustainability criteria when selecting our partners.

BHS tabletop AG have expressed their commitment to following the national and international ethics and codes of conduct for business as well as the principles of compliance – i.e. proper corporate management. This includes respect for human rights, conformance to all valid standards in working conditions, careful treatment of the environment and resources, and rejection of corruption and bribery – a high standard that we meet through regular auditing of our processes and staff.