Rainer Schwarzmeier - Member of the Board, Production and Logistics

Rainer Schwarzmeier,
Member of the Board, Production and Logistics

Perfection is not a state, but rather a process that has to be driven forth permanently.

Hotel porcelain must be particularly durable. To enable it to cope with the everyday strains of vast kitchens, it is not just necessary to have a special recipe for the porcelain compound and the glaze, but also to control carefully the firing process in the firing kilns, which are  up to 70 meters in length, at our locations in Schönwald and Weiden. There is also a demand of knowledge of what will be required in later use. It is only through additional processing stages that our products are rendered suitable for use their in gastronomy. The vast expertise of producing porcelain is to produce the exact same quality every day anew, and to set oneself apart from the others in terms of defining perfect quality.

A large proportion of the 40 million Euros we have invested in recent years has been channelled into our two production facilities which are amongst the most efficient in the world.

Through permanent qualification our employees are taking over more and more core tasks in quality monitoring, setting- up, control and maintenance. Continuous research and development work in machine technology ensures that BHS's advantage in technology is continuously expanded.

In our today's fast moving time, BHS steps on the gas in the conversion of the most important trends into products. The period of times needed to develop a new series of porcelain is consistently shortened and optimised in all phases. Success is only guaranteed by implementing the ideas flawlessly in production. Excellence in ceramics can only be assured by thinking creatively outside the box every day, and turning the ideas into products with commitment, scrupulous care and high technology.