Our Principles

  1. Duty to Improve
    Our corporate culture is based on an ambitious goal of continuous improvement assumed and shaped by all our staff members.
  2. Learning from mistakes
    We see errors not as failures, but rather as opportunities. They point out weak spots and open up new paths to innovation and improvement.
  3. Openness
    We deliberately cross boundaries, both in our heads and in our organisation. Our working climate is marked by transparent and open communicative structures – from management to each and every staff member.
  4. Cooperation
    Ideas arise in an interplay extending beyond departmental boundaries. Only in this way, we can learn from each other and progress.
  5. Management
    The management team is the catalyst for continuous change. It has the task of supporting staff and creating the framework for successful outcomes.
  6. Honesty, Respect, Fairness
    We deal with each other in an honest, respectful and fair manner and honour our differences. Through mutual acceptance and constructive criticism we become more efficient in our work.
  7. Reliability
    We keep our promises. We are accurate and conscientious in everything that we do. We are careful with our own and with other people’s time.
  8. Trust
    Each employee has a high level of responsibility. We effectively interchange our knowledge and information. We cooperate with each other and rely on self-control.
  9. Motivation
    Performance pays. Good ideas are regularly rewarded. Recognition by colleagues and the management team provides the motivation for renewed success.
  10. Achieving our goals
    All members of the management team review their own objectives as well as those of their staff.