Stephan Kotterer - Marketing and Sales

Stephan Kotterer,
Executive Director, Domestic Sales

Our location is a question of standpoint.

Nowadays, "Made in Germany" is more than ever before a value out in the world  that combines a host of positive features: Quality, durability, reliability, efficiency, checking, honesty, punctuality ... Our locations in the northern part of Bavaria represent a clear commitment to these ancient German values and also to the region. It is a visible sign that we as a company and an employer take over our social responsibility in our own country. Of course, it is only possible to take this standpoint if you have a functioning business model.

In contrast to many companies, BHS did not transfer its production to low-wage countries in the 1990s, but instead invested heavily in production facilities in Germany – up to four million Euros every year. Our technology is the world's leading-technology. In 2008 and 2009 alone, the company invested an additional seven million Euros in new, ultra-modern kiln technology at the Schönwald location. This is increasing both flexibility and the capacity of production and consequently keeping energy and fuel consumption at bay. These are environmentally friendly and cost-saving factors that secure new competitive advantages for us.

The second quality offensive, on which we base our commitment to production in Germany, is consistent investment in training our employees - about half a million Euros every year. This is because we are convinced that having an advantage in the market in terms of knowledge will separate the wheat from the chaff. Our commitment to the region and the fact that our management style is strongly characterised by respect and appreciation both make a contribution to a high level of trust shown by the staff as well as their backing for even difficult intra-company decisions. We all act in concert.