Markus Erb - Executive Director, Logistics

Markus Erb,
Executive Director, Logistics

Delivering goods quickly, without damage, to the right location and in the right amount demands strict organisation and enormous flexibility.

For what reason do customers favour us most? And what sets us apart from our competition? Obviously, it is our role as a flexible problem solver. For me, the most important things happen behind the scenes, in that highly complicated wheelwork of logistics. All important processes for planning, order handling, production, storage, transport and delivery converge here and demand a control system with rapid reactions in order to meet customers' requirements on time and simultaneously economising intelligently and profitably.

Thanks to extensive IT systems, we are capable of establishing control mechanisms that are probably unique in our competitive environment. The systems are integrated into a complete supply chain management system that undergoes continuous optimisation. The extreme flexibility and speed of response of the logistical process combined with the high commitment displayed by our employees lay the foundation for the high service offered by our brands.