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SCHÖNWALD launches its first Noble China buffet collection – ISLANDS

Schönwald, Germany, February 2017 - SCHÖNWALD, the specialist for professional porcelain, found the inspiration for its new Noble China collection in the world of nature. ISLANDS is a porcelain ensemble conceived primarily for the composition of small and exclusive buffets. Arrangements that delight the eye and touch the senses ...


BHS tabletop AG presents Playground, a new product range for exciting food presentations

Selb, Germany, January 2017 - Ceramic, wood, leather, slate, marble, melamine, glass and metal: trendy materials add a contemporary touch and expand the range for Bauscher, Tafelstern and Schönwald. BHS tabletop AG continues its planned strategy to evolve from a mere porcelain manufacturer to an adaptable, innovation-driven provider of tabletop ...