Birgit Dubberke - Executive Director, Marketing and Development

Birgit Dubberke,
Executive Director, Marketing and Development

We set the stage for pleasurable dining.

Good design is always a means to an end. The plates, cups and platters created by our designers should represent a straightforward and captivating invitation for eating and drinking. If they are unable to fulfil this simple function or, even worse, make it harder to achieve, then they are not design items, but merely chichi.

However, we believe that form does not just follow function but also a gastronomic purpose. And the purpose is to surprise guests and to present pleasurable dining in an unusual way time and time again. In fact, all we are doing is translating this concern into ideas and shapes in new and exciting ways. And it is not just our in-house design departments alone being committed to this purpose, but also famous designers such as Carsten Gollnick, Christian Haas or Adam T. Tihany.

Surprises only succeed if you allow something unusual to occur. The face of the new is variety, differentness and sometimes even contrariness. A successful intermingling of cultures and dining habits. The trends that lend shape to our collections reflect social changes on all levels of society. We do not just create fashionable tableware looks, but rather provide clear answers to altered requirements and globalised experiences with an attractive language of shapes and revolutionary dining concepts.

Take, for example, the trends towards Asian cuisine, finger food, fine casual dining or "flying buffets". To provide a suitable stage for pleasurable dining, it is necessary to provide other serving ideas than for a set three-course menu. Here, BHS tabletop AG as the world market leader is faced by the exciting obligation to set the creative bar higher and to function as a trendsetter in the industry. To reflect this pioneering work, our collections regularly win coveted design prizes such as the red dot award or the iF product design award.