Continuous Improvement Process

Japanese: Kaizen – English: Continuous improvement process (CIP) – meaning a continuous change for the better. This is backed up by the conviction that new things can only be created by movement and change. Since 2000, CIP – under the title "Fit for Future" – has been an essential part of the BHS company philosophy, with the objective of keeping the company competitive and guaranteeing production in Germany. Existing processes are continuously reconsidered and new methods are pushed ahead co-ordinately – from technology through to workforce qualification. It demands a great deal of commitment and persistence to meet the set targets.

The most important impetus for our continuous improvement process is provided by our employees who can put forward their suggestions directly via a special company suggestion scheme. All suggestions are rewarded by the company. Working individually or in project groups, employees come up with small improvements or major concepts, e.g. for energy saving or increasing efficiency in production.

The successes achieved are not just represented by the optimisation of procedures, but also by the high motivation amongst employees. This kind of motivation is based on an open communication with the workforce. From the floor managers to the ancillary employees, everyone knows about the significance of the company and its business ventures. In this regard, important information platforms are the information boards displayed throughout the company as well as the employee magazine "wir & jetzt" (we & now) that appears twice a year. This openness and appreciation for creativity amongst workers promote confidence and a high level of identification with the company. Everyone senses the importance of the role that they play as part of a greater whole.