The Brands

What does the name BHS tabletop AG actually mean? It is quite simple: In gastronomy, tabletop refers to the set table. And the acronym BHS stands for more than 130 years of combined porcelain experience with three of the most traditional porcelain brands in Germany: Bauscher, Tafelstern (referred to as Hutschenreuther Hotel up to 2006) and Schönwald.

The roots of the company extend far back into the past. In 1859, the Hutschenreuther porcelain factory in Selb started operations; 1879 saw the foundation of the Schönwald porcelain factory, followed by the foundation of the porcelain factory Gebrüder Bauscher, Weiden in 1881. In the course of time, Hutschenreuther AG consolidated over all three brands.

The step to global market leadership was taken in 1998 with both the reorientation of the business model and specialisation on functional brand-name porcelain for dining out, and with the change of the company's name to BHS tabletop AG. Porcelain from professionals for professionals, services for service providers - that has been the philosophy ever since.