Board of Management - BHS tabletop AG

From left to right: 
Christian Strootmann (Chief Executive Officer), Rainer Schwarzmeier (Member of the Board), 
Gernot Egretzberger
(Member of the Board)

Success needs a permanent culture of change.

To keep on the path to success, we can’t look ahead to the future only through the lens of the past. The management team of BHS has experience in breaking through patterns of past success and forging new paths. For example, in 1998, we exited the retail sector and sold the Hutschenreuther brand, thus severing our historical roots in order to fully concentrate on the market of professional catering.

Sometimes it can make more sense to swim against the current. That is why we take special care not only to carefully manage standard processes, but also to make room for the new and unexpected. We test the limits – in our heads as well as in our organisation. This starts with our approach of not condemning mistakes, but seeing them as opportunities, and continues with transparent corporate structures of open communication – from the executive management right to the individual employee at the production line. BHS is not a place for isolated research behind closed doors. Ideas come about due to the interaction between different departments. This is the only way we can learn from each other and move forward. Our task as the management team is to create consistent and collective performances. We, the board of management, see our own role here as playmakers and architects of continuous change. This is the foundation of our business model as a modern service and logistics company serving extremely diverse target groups. It has made us the world market leader for professional porcelain. It is our sustainable capacity for change that safeguards the future for our company.